Tuesday, March 9, 2010

陰 [Yin]

陰 [Yin], originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

One of the long corridor/hallway (what do u call this?) of Mongkok's residential apartment.

This actually reminds me of the HK ghost movies... haha... I have a feeling this will not be so popular with my audience! LOL

阴(陰,隂) [yīn]
1. (in Chinese thought) yin, the feminine or negative principle in nature
2. the moon
3. shade
4. north of a hill or south of a river
5. the back side
6. private parts (esp. of the female)
7. overcast
8. in intaglio
9. hidden; secret
10. sinister
11. of the nether world; of ghosts
12. negative

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