Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All We Need To Do Is Imagine

Hehe.. Still having fantasy infrared effect craze..

Well.. Another lonely tree I captured in Turkey, (when I was travelling in the bus).

I really love that we have imagination. With it, there are no limitations to what we can create...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

記憶の森 (Forest of Memories - Sakura)

Using the infrared editing I mentioned about the tutorial in my previous post, I tried it on the Forest Of Memories picture. I kinda like how it turned out! :)

2 Other Version

記憶の森 Original

記憶の森 Mood

Monday, September 28, 2009

思念 (Missing)

Just learned a new trick today from googling. (I realized you can learn anything on youtube!)

Infrared editing!! Hehe.... I took some pictures of sparrows the other day and was hanging on to them because I was not sure how i wanted to present them.

Share this with you!
How To Achieve Infrared Effect Using Photoshop.

After this, you may use "colour balance", "curve adjustment" and "selective colour" to achieve the right colours that you want.

For those guys who are keen to learn, you should know how to pick suitable photos to suit this trick.

Hope you guys like this!

Thank everyone who visited me for my previous uploads. I feel so sorry to some contacts whom i am missing out. i am so overloaded.... I have been going through streams for the past 3 hours and i am still not done!! Too tired now... gotta come back again for catch up... Collapsing

If anyone catches me, I have attached this piece of music before... I so love this piece!
Mysterious Songbird - S.E.N.S.

倒影 Reflection

倒影 Reflection

One of my favs. :) I see it more as my work of art than it is my photography skill... Well, as long as it touches my heart and makes me happy after I give birth to it.

Xinglin Hupan - Jia Peng Fang

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tarot Card Series - I Smiled.. Now You

Taken at Kranji. Squatting behind the railings so that the drivers cannot see me. Haha... Took this with flash. Same series as Ting and Nature.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

風箏.飛舞 (Dances of the Kites)

Taken on kite day in West Coast Park.

This is a picture of the kites that were hung around the tents and their tails flying in the wind at sunset. That was a warm and happy day because I spent it with my loved ones.

I was thinking about this song when I process this... Those who knows the story knows that it is a sad one... I feeling a little like that now...
butterfly lovers

女人.花 (Woman.Flower)

The SP I used for the next picture.

This is the song that inspired this picture

It describes a woman who longs for love and keeps failing and getting hurt in relationships.







Friday, September 25, 2009

Limited Edition Sunset

Going crazy with PP again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunny Day Part 2 - You Have Each Other, I Have My Shadow

Another shot taken from the moving bus. I am happy that I caught the two birds into the frame.

I think the tree is envious of them. So lonely it looks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

女人花 (Woman. Flower - Tribute to Anita Mui)

This is something I did inspired by Anita Mui's movie - 胭脂扣. It is a movie that I love a lot. (Movie info :

I will like to tribute this to the one of the most memorable POP Icon in Chinese/Canto entertainment history.

And the theme has words that are based on her song "Woman Flower". It describes a woman (she was one) who longs for love and keeps failing and getting hurt in relationship.

See the lyrics in the next picture.

This is the movie MV link made so you can see some parts of the movie

This is the song for 女人花 (Woman.Flower)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

開花の歌 Song of Flower

Halo!!!!!!!! :) Hope enjoy my Song of Flower! :P I used Lightroom for the processing. Kinda like how it turned out. I really love the look of Japanese Postcards. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Isn't she adorable?

I was walking back to my car after a photoshoot and chanced upon this family. Little Megan was from UK and was having her vacation with her parents in Singapore. This shot was taken with Little Megan sitting on her daddy's shoulders. Behind her is Singapore's famous Fullerton Hotel. Her mummy was kind enough to allow me to take a few pictures of her. I was totally in love with her features and asked her mummy are all "Megan"s so pretty??

Must be the name... (Guys, I am so sure you know which Megan I am talking about...)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waiting (Non HDR Version)

This is the other version of waiting. A warmer mood to the colder one that i had uploaded. I guess the waiting mood in this case is different! :)

사랑이란 무엇인가 (What is love)

Did not bring my tripod! So I cheated (again) for my SP for this Sunday. Thanking Tracy (my best friend) for helping me with this picture. We had a great time cam whoring on our "catchup" day...

I was hoping to achieve some emo feel out of this picture. Did I succeed ?? haha...

Mr Rainbow (Explored 19 September 2009)

Thanks everyone for your fav and comments!

Still my Turkey trip pictures. I tried to upload variety so you guys will not be bored by me.

Hope ur weekend's been good.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

我想要有个家 (I Want a Home)

Taken at grand bazaar in Instanbul, Turkey. Little Jerusha and I were always playing with little kittens and cats roaming on the streets in Turkey.

This little sweet thing was small but ultra friendly. I guess she was hoping someone will be kind enough to bring her home and shower her with love.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr Sun at Kusadasi

Rainbow Sunset at Kusadasi

This is an example of how I can recreate a sunset that I captured. Of course I do agree that the original colours are always the most beautiful.

Monday, September 14, 2009

아름다운 삶 (Beautiful Life)

Taken also in Turkey. I love these plants (weeds and wild flowers) that we can see all over the country. Perhaps the people there has seen so much of these and nothing special to them. But to me, this is a beautiful memory of a quiet and breezy moment that I brought back with me.

Saturated - Retake of Sad Evening (explored 6 May 09))

This is a retake of Sad Evening in my older photos. That time I used my handphone and it was more purplish tone. I am revisiting this place now and see what my D90 can give me. :)

Old photo

Wow... my First Explore! Really thanks to Ronnrr for informing me! You the best!

The Jay Walker

He caught me catching him Jay Walk.. LOL..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

記憶の森 (The Forest of Memories)

記憶の森 original

And after staring very long at the original, I decided to upload this too.

記憶の森 (The Forest of Memories)

Have always been very fascinated by the photographs of forests.

This is not a good attempt. We do have limited resources in a small country like Singapore. There are not many places like this that has not been developed. We are very short of land.

My wish is to go to a country where I can find beautiful bamboo forest and capture rays streaming thru the branches of a mystical forest.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tarot card series - Notti.Sexy.Baby.Pink

Sorry if I look scary instead of the title suggests.... Experimenting different styles...... hehe.....

Happy Sunday!!!!!

暖かい手紙 (A Warm Mail/Letter)

I received the tickets from Adrian yesterday!

I reached home at A.M. this morning and found them on my bed. I started bringing out my camera in the wee hours and spent some time composing this photograph to share with you guys and also tell Adrian "I Really Like These Tickets!!"

He is so nice! Even writing sweet notes behind the tickets. How the words melted my heart. :D Thanks Adrian!!

Bokehs are real and by photography composition (no textures used)... blur also by the lens.... this photo is SOOC except for the square crop and the wordings.. :)

Train at Ankara Station

This was taken also at the Ankara Train Station.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Fair Lady

Taken outside Dinler Hotel at their beautiful flower garden...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Eyes Can Only See You - (That's what I hope my "Love" can say to me)

Memory (Explored 30 June 2009)

What will become of us if we have no memories...

I love the memories of me staring at a perfect sunset. I love the memories of watching the pretty clouds change their shapes. I love the memories of the scent from each coming rain. I love the memories of the temperature after a heavy rain. I love the memories of the the cool wind when it kissed my face.

But I wish we could choose to erase the memories of the happiness we have lost...


Devil Thru Misty Window

Playing with texture! Overlaying all my photos and having fun with the compo! Some fotos from my devil series that I did not upload!

Devil 4

You're Everything

This is something from my archive. - My Devil series.

A Moment In Time Part II

This is Part II for my A Moment In Time Series. The winter sonata theme... hehe..

Taken during the same photowalk. Obviously I was the model wahahaha

This photograph was taken by another different photographer. Her name is Calis! She is really good and I really wanna thank her for this wonderful portrait along with the other good ones that she took for me.

I did the editing for this. No texture was used. I slowly planted the snow in with Gimp software using paint brush. Took me really long to achieve this...

You gotta listen to this music with this image... Also from the drama... this music box music will bring u into the mood...

Tarot Card - Ting [婷] (Explored 24 Aug 2009)

My Signature and I....

浪漫.盐湖 Romantic Salt Lake Sunrise (Canvas)

I did not get to see the sunrise at Salt Lake. I used a day picture, and my imagination and created the romantic sunrise I saw in my head... :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Glitters of Mr Sun

Anyone can guess what is this? :)

I will reveal the answer before the next upload! :)

i am trying to catch up now. Still so much to go through! I am very sleepy now....... I think my bio clock is adjusting back to normal. :) That should be good news. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

夜来香 The Fragrance Of the Approaching Night

This is dedicated to my good fiend R&R for her birthday is today. Happy Birthday KM!! Please go and wish her a very happy birthday!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tarot Card Series - Red & Ting

I was tagged AGAIN... Since I upload SP on Sundays (oops I am early), I decided to play along for Martita25. This DOES NOT mean you guys can start tagging me... haha...

Here we go, 10 facts about me:

01. - I love Sun

02. - I love Rain

03. - I love photography

04. - I love nature

05. - I love the sound of wind chime

06.- I love green

07.- I love cats and also dogs

08.- I have 7 ear piercings

09.- I am almost a vampire because I sleep in the day

10.- I cheated on my 10 facts because some of it u already know.

The Walk at Kranji

After some soft pictues, how about something really strong and "burnt". :) wahahaha.....

Post and run.... It is Friday!! See you later!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

梦田 (Field of Dream)

I really addicted to Zen inspired pictures recently... Hope you like this!

This was also from Turkey trip. One of those places that people are busy taking pictures of the main attractions on the left but I was more interested and was skipping around in the field of weeds and shrubs and nature on the right..... Of course I did pay attention to the main attractions... but I just do not neglect beauty like these.

haha....... my company were saying what a wierd character I was. haha..... I told them I just see the world differently..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

晴れた日 (Sunny Day)

This was taken from a moving bus. Through the window, the views just got more and more breathtaking. I was snapping through journeys from point to point.

I went through my pictures and I was so glad I shot this.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

晚霞中的蒲公英 (The Dandelion in The Sunset) Original

Could not decide so I uploaded all. Took this at the Dinler Hotel in Cappadocia as well. Yes on that magical ground with that magical sky, I captured this magical moment...
Anyone miss my music choice?

晚霞中的蒲公英 (The Dandelion in The Sunset) Starry

Could not decide so I uploaded all. Took this at the Dinler Hotel in Cappadocia as well. Yes on that magical ground with that magical sky, I captured this magical moment...
Anyone miss my music choice?

晚霞中的蒲公英 (The Dandelion in The Sunset) Mood

Could not decide so I uploaded all. Took this at the Dinler Hotel in Cappadocia as well. Yes on that magical ground with that magical sky, I captured this magical moment...
Anyone miss my music choice?

Where I Belong

aking a break from my Turkey pictures.

I remember when I first got my SLR, a such a noob, went to this place at Marina Barrage and attempted my first night shot. Failed miserably. This time round I returned and with a better understanding of my camera, I attempted my night shot again.

Have always had a phobia with night shot. Just not so confident. :)