Friday, August 19, 2011

A Big Change Is On my Way

If i am not wrong, today is going to be one of the most significant days of my life. My life will be taking a drastic turn. I really hope everything will be fine...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sweet Alycia

Sweet Alycia, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Alycia
Styling/Makeup/ Hair/ Photography/edit : TIng

Her second shoot! Had lots of fun outdoors!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ting in her Kitchen

Ting in her Kitchen , originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Me
Everything by : Me

Lost some weight? Maybe :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[2009年9月10日 の黎明. 真的很美]

Can't believe this was already 2 years from now....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fine Art - Oriental Fion

Fine Art - Oriental Fion, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Fion

Created using textures found on Deviantart. Credit to the respective owners.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

About Me

My name is Ting 婷.

I am the founder/creator of A NICTAY PRODUCTION. I started collecting my portfolio in the Year 2010. I am a self-taught image consultant and photography artist. I specialize in FEMALE MAKEOVER PORTFOLIOS.

I named my work A NICTAY PRODUCTION and not photography because my service includes everything from makeup to hairstyling, to art directing, to photography and finally photo editing. It is a full production and not just a simple photo-shoot which normal photographers can offer. As I am an all-in-one-person production, I offer a much higher level of comfort and trustworthiness to my customers. I hold integrity in what I do and respect my customer's trusts in me.

My image consultation interest started out at a young age. I used to dress up for myself, then for my friends and family with my own vision of beauty. As my portfolio speaks, my sense in beauty was recognized and accepted by most of the girls I have transformed. My first photography attempt in recording down a transformation was using my mobile phone camera. I realized my talent in this area and used my own self portraits for my very first showcased portfolios. The portfolios that I uploaded created awareness very quickly among my personal friends who started to inquire about having portfolio done for them.

Sexy boudoir/nude/half-nude shoots was always in the fantasy of many women but they being a normal working class or housewife or mother, will find it hard to trust and engage just any photographer to realize this fantasy for them. Me being a female photographer gave these ladies a very good avenue to realize their dreams. My customers comes from all walks of life and over a big range of ages.

The other batch of female customers are those who did not realize that they too had the potential of becoming a beautiful woman. I take pride in every session I do that successfully escalated the self confidence of these beautiful women. Friends of these customers have given me titles such as magician and genius in my testimonials for the successful transformation I have done.

Apart from sexy and transformation shoots, I too offer beautiful girls who knows how beautiful they are but have not met a photographer that they can trust to produce satisfying portfolios for them. I strive to achieve a professional looking portfolio so that these girls may have beautiful photographs of themselves which they could only admire of the models in the magazines.

Over a period of 1 year or so, I have touched the hearts of more than 1 hundred woman with my sincerity and effort to make them beautiful in the productions I have created and executed. I feel very lucky that I have the opportunity to realize my dreams and I will continue to strive to excel in what I am doing, keep learning and improving to serve all my loyal customers better! I love all my fans/friends! Thank you for your undying support! Muacks!!!!!!!!

Ting 婷

A Nictay Production

Booking T&C / Policies / FAQ

How do I book?

You are supposed to send me a private msg over facebook after adding me to your facebook account. I need to verify that yours is a genuine enquiry and I prefer to take in bookings from people/friends who knows my work after they have gone through my portfolios. ( I do not wish to be subjected to possibilities of complains from unreasonable consumers who are not recommended or referred).

Marketing Right

Niko Tay / Ting / A Nictay Production will hold the all rights of your photos and by engaging me, you give me permission / rights to use your photos for printing of my own portfolio books or other promotion materials that might be implemented.

What if I do not want my photos to be posted online or for printing for your marketing fair use?

There will be a marketing right fee that you need to top up.

Which are the shoot/service packages available?

1) Solo Indoor (2 outfit change)

2) Solo Indoor (3 outfit change)

3) Solo Indoor (1 change) + Solo outdoor (1 change)

4) Solo Outdoor (2 changes)

5) Couple Indoor (2 outfit changes) - Best friends or Lovers

6) Couple Outdoor (2 outfit changes) - Best Friends or Lovers

7) Family shoot of (1 or 2 outfit changes)

8) Actual Wedding Day shoot (Depends on your requirement and itinerary)

9) Prewedding shoot outdoors (Gowns will be your own)

10) Outdoor Baby/children Portrait Solo (2 changes)

11) Indoor Baby/children Portrait Solo (2 changes)

12) Indoor Mother and Baby (2 Outfit Changes)

13) Pre-shoot Shopping Consultation Session

14) Makeup Service (For non bridal/stage requests)

15) Pet and Owner Shoot (2 outfit changes)

16) Private Blog shop fashion shoot for online catalogue (Subjected to conditions)

17) "Tag Along" photographer for Actual Day Wedding. "B" Photographer. (For those who already have a photographer but still like my work can engage me as the side photographer).

18) Others (Adhoc requests to be enquired and discussed)

Outfit changes are mine or yours?

Outfit changes are your own. I will sometimes replace your outfits with my own if I deem yours unsuitable.

How about Makeup and Hair?

I will do the makeup and hair for you according to the package you choose. Usually included.

What are the themes available?

Officially I have

1) Soul mates

2) Best Friend

3) Pet and Me

4) Pyjamas Party = Boudoir/Half-nude

5) Transformation

6) Fine Art (Some who received fine art editing in their normal package will be bonus, not compulsory.)

This is flexible. You can design your own theme and let me know what you want. We can try to make it closest to your wish.

Where is the location of Photoshoot

Choa Chu Kang - Do not expect a glamourous air-conditioned studio. It is not.
For outdoor shoots, we will still meet at CCK for Makeup and Styling.

Which days can i book?

I am accepting bookings for all days (weekends or weekdays), however subjected to availability.

How long will i wait for my pictures to be ready?

I am doing everything myself, so with the normal queue, you should expect to wait at least 1 month for photos to be ready.


You will collect your edited soft copies with your 8gb thumbrive when your pictures are ready. Please come with appointment. Please collect your soft copies within 1 month of notification. Otherwise, I will not be liable for compensation should there be loss of files due to malfunction of the hardware.

What will i expect when i come for the shoot?

Nothing! Come with an open heart! Give me your trust and I will make sure you will be happy with what I will produce for you. :) Do not book if you haven't heard or witnessed about my work. I discourage people who has their own demands and expectations to book with me. Because a session with me is to discover another you whom you never knew!

What things to prepare for the photoshoot ?

1) Eye Lashes

2) Big Eye Contact Lens (if any)

3) Variety of outfits (Different styles and colours)

4) Matching Shoes

5) Accessories to match your wardrobe is welcomed (eg. Earrings, hats, scarves, necklaces)

6) I provide pre-shoot merchandising consultation shopping session. PM to check my rates


1) A deposit will be requested to be transferred to my POSB current Account

2) Balance payment strictly on the day of the shoot


I do not allow cancellation thus there will not be a deposit refund should you cancel your appointment. However, if you notify me 1 week in advance for the postpone of shoot, I can allow up to 1 month defer. Please note that in the event I fall sick when it is your booking day, you shoot will be delayed to the earliest available slot in my schedule.

Refund or Compensation

If I do cancel your appointment without postpone date in the event such that I fell ill / be pregnant or inability to fulfill ur actual day special event booking, I will be responsible of full refund. Please note that should there be any conflict or complain compensation, it shall not exceed the amount of your booking and subject to conditions.

Special Feature

I am giving an extra 5 edited copies to bookings that allow me to feature your transformation shoot "BEFORE AND AFTER". :) Only applicable to people who has read this note and bookings made after 11 July 2011.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sleeping Angel

Sleeping Angel, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Fion
Makeup/ Hair/ Art / Photography / Edit : Ting

Always wanted to have something like this in my portfolio. Really glad that this shoot happened. Thanking Fion for giving me the chance to fulfill this.