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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hair extension - Remy hair colour code 6/613

Hi hi! Received my new hair extension today and i love it so much i had to share my photos with you! No need to keep your hair long until so "chee chum" ... Cutting my hair short was a decision i never regretted. I had lesser and lesser hair after I gave birth and it was not possible to leave it long. Well, with today's great inventions, anything seems possible!
Show you my short hair now.
Then the long hair image of me after i put in the clip on. Wahaha ... i guess i still look younger and more woman with long hair. It is ok. Short hair is better for me now as a mummy. Whenever I feel like long hair just put on clip on lor!

I have used many hair extensions before. Real hair, synthetic hair, you name it I have it. This particular brand i love it and it is very affordable and realistic. My favourite so far!

By the way, this clip on is 70gm each pack.To achieve my look in the photo I used 2 package. In each pack there are a mixture of different width of hair bunch (4 clips, 3 clips, 2 clips and 1 clip).

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Windows to my soul

My tarot card series - Fear
Long time since i put in a tarot card. Miss doing self portraits. Mus find time.
Words from Ting : Every model infront of the camera is like an actress/actor. You act the expression for the picture you wanna create. You tell the story with your eyes. It has nvr been abt the clothes you wear. It's always been abt ur soul.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ting's Closet and Little Dollhouse (Sponsored Advertorial)

People who REALLY have been following me should know that I have a facebook group called Ting's Closet ( and Instagram @tingscloset

In this group, the members are allowed to sell their preloved fashion items for Male, Female and Children/Babies.  I also allow sellers of handmade fashion items to have an album in the group which they can run as a stall. 

I am pretty strict on approving members and deleting spammers for this group and I am pretty happy to say that we have a healthy and sincere group in my hands. Of course, there will still be some online sellers lurking around clearing their stock but well... I try my best to ensure everyone follows the rules.

Those who are surprised to hear about this, just check the links out and add yourself as members and follow! Then start selling and buying!

I really am a person who encourage handmade items and I really would love to see more people of this genre to join us in Ting's Closet! Especially mummies who work at home and taking care of the children at the same time. I will support you!

Sponsored Advertorial

To facilitate sellers, I am pleased to introduce a polymailer vendor who can provide good quality, light weight polymailers which are lovely and really TOO affordable.

These are the colours that are available. My Photography hahaha....
Do not use paper envelopes already because they tear easily, they get wet and they are easily opened. All these result in lost items. What is more? You need to use scotch-tapes and paste until the whole package look like it is injured and just mailed out from ER but  cannot help and still pray that it does not meet with any further mishap.

Little Dollhouse Polymailers come in a wide range of different colours and sizes to fit your items. They are more durable, stretchable and lighter! I know because I always buy stuff from them and I always "vomit blood" when I try to open the mailers to take the items out from the mailers using only bare hands.  It is impossible. Typically, people use the scissors, but as lazy and busy as I am, I never fail to attempt using bare hands but fail every single time as well... it just demonstrates repeatedly to me how tough their mailers are and as if once they are sealed...  they have a mission to make sure the items in them reach the buyer safe and sound. LOL.

The most important factor that everyone are switching to polymailers will have to be that it is waterproof BUT marker ink smudge-proof.  Percentage of having your mails lost is even LOWER!

It also has self adhesive that gives you ease of use. As their slogan says : SLIP IT, SEAL IT, SEND IT.  Best reason will be that it is cheaper than paper envelopes with each costing as low as S$0.17 (for the smallest size) and it's also biodegradable (think for your kid's future, save the earth) !  :D

Online sellers who are using the paper envelopes, this is your alarm clock. DUH! It is old fashion and not cost effective at all! Think of your corporate image please! Those online blogshop owners who are also thinking to get a pretty coloured/designed polymailer to represent your corporate image, please approach Joyce to chat about it. She will be so glad to help you.

These is the size chart and also shows the colours you can choose from.

Please click on this link to see their prices : and pricelist

NOW, do not go away yet! Another good stuff to share with you!
This is for SANRIO LOVERS!! Many of my clients and friends knows that I like Hello Kitty. I even received present of Hello Kitty stuff from clients as gift of appreciation for my hard work before... hehe...

Ho ho ho... Christmas is here soon and I am pretty sure this will help some of you decide to buy what for Christmas for your princesses and princes at home! Honestly, I am not a child but I also would love one of these if I do work in the office. 

You can personalize these stamps with your/ your child's names and can receive them within 3 days with free postage! After you receive then you can start to chop chop chop away hahaha.... So cute! I love the melody designs and the hello kitty ones.

"Swee la.... " Still have lots more lots more designs. I really think if I really paste all the pictures it will deprive me of even more sleep. So you guys go go go see their fb or website.

OK. To be honest, they sell many other stuff other than polymailers and the sanrio stamps. Actually they have a LOT of goodies.  You should really pay a visit to their facebook and I am quite certain you would bookmark them because you would not want to lose their contacts for the interesting stuff that they have to offer.

As a side track, the owners of the Little Dollhouse are nice and pleasant and very helpful. I have been a loyal customer to their online service. They have no temper. No impatience. Really great online sellers that you would love. 

Their facebook page :
Little dollhouse website :
Enquiries -
Joyce Tay