Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am a happy artist

Wow, time flies. I have been out of an office job and making photography my passion and livelihood for more than 3 years now. What a ride it has been. I never knew I could. I remember having such conversations with my besties and all I remembered was me telling them it was impossible. Well it was a dream and now, my dream job came true. It is really possible to realize ur dreams if you dare to dream it. Sometimes, we are our own hurdle. If u want it bad enough, you will work towards it. All you need is a step out of your comfort zone, out of the conventional square. I had visions of me doing this kind of production and I did it. All I needed was a courageous step. And I took it. Of course along with the courageous step, you need also a very warm and supportive family. I am blessed with a set of great parents and my elder brother and his wife were really supportive. Without them, I could never have been able to stand where I am standing now. A happy artist with a big circle of supporters and a decent income to sustain my living expenses. Herewith, I encourage all my friends who has a dream to make sure you work on it and do not waste time telling yourself it was impossible. Anything is possible with determination. :)

The Victoria Beckham Pose

The Victoria Beckham Pose, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Me trying to learn from the Diva

Monday, March 25, 2013

Moonlight lady

Moonlight lady, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Maybel
This girl cried when i showed her the mirror after I did her makeup... tears of joy. It left a deep impression on me. I felt that this is the kind of satisfaction that my job gives me. It changes life. And it makes me happy to see the happiness I bring to people.