Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tarot Card Series - Secret Lover

I am standing night guard at grandpa's funeral/wake now.

Will have to stay awake to company grandpa and light joss sticks and fold joss paper...... hoping I will not meet mr black cat.....

I think my absence has a valid reason. Hope everything reverts to normal soon. I am leaving the country for a week from Thursday. Thus, you will expect another disappearing act from me. Sorry guys! Hope you are all fine.....

꽃 (flower) (Explored 19 Nov 2009)

The Street (explored nov 19 2009)

Blue Mosque in Instanbul (Explored dd 18 Nov 2009)

柳.岸 (Willow.Shore)

柳.岸 (Willow.Shore), originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Old Temple Photo

Old Temple Photo, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

Considering to upload the coloured version later on.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tarot Card Series - Wild Card

My Tarot Card Series has passed 10!

These are taken during the Turkey trip where I shot Love Beach. Sorry I used old pictures from Turkey...... I feel kinda bloated now..... Need to diet....... ;P

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'll Be There

I'll Be There, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

One of those snaps from the travelling bus again. I really like the way the house seems to brave all weather to give shelter to the farmers during rain and shine.


Pigeon, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

I do realize I have quite a few pigeon portraits in my stream. :) They seem to like posing for me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


稻香, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

Went chasing today but Mr Sun stood me up. I have new photos but i just felt like posting something from that magical land in Turkey again. I miss that place....

Our Shenton Jungle

Our Shenton Jungle, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

I do not really like architecture as I am a nature lover who loves poetry in my composition...

But I think since I caught this on my way home after a portrait photoshoot sometime ago, might as well try to process it and see how it turns out... These are some of Singapore's tallest buildings for now. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tarot Card Series - Jade (Explored 11 oct 2009)

** Explored 11 Oct 2009 BP #199 **

Thanks everyone for ur favs and comments!

7th card of my tarot card series. :)

For 52 sunday selfies

I love jade. I wear a jade bangle which is not removable on my left wrist. I have been wearing jade for a long time as it is one of my favorite stones.
Star (Byul) - Yumi

Li Ming (Dawn)

Li Ming (Dawn), originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

Thanks everyone for your constant support!

Remember when I was younger we had bbq sessions with schoolmates and we will spend the whole night outside at the beach. All the boys and girls would ask permission from parents to stay overnight at the beach. We called it "Dawn night". :) Do not know why, we just call it that.

I remember as we laid there on the beach and stare at the sky, I recall that this song was one of those songs that the radio was playing frequently.

I do miss those days. Waiting for dawn and watching the day break was something we did when we were small and it forever stays as a great memory.

Those innocent days when we had no worries seem so far away now.

PM Dawn - Id Die Without You - PM Dawn

F(H)airy Tree - 童话树

F(H)airy Tree - 童话树, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

Taken at Upper Seletar Reservoir. I simply love the trees there. Oh ya.. the fall colour is created using colour replacement in photoshop. Play with that function, lots of fun!

蝶儿 (Butterfly Child) (explored 28 oct 09)

蝶の紫夢 (Butterfly's Purple Dream)

Love me - Yiruma

Istiklal Street (Explored dated Nov 7 2009)

Brothers of the same taste walk together?

Tarot Card Series - 涙 (Tears)

I watched a war movie called "Nanjing Nanjing" (南京 南京) and it really affected me greatly. I felt really uncomfortable and emotionally shaken while I was watching how cruel war was. Being a woman, when i saw how women were treated during wartime, it really made it very difficult to understand the extent of human cruelty.

With this photo inspired by the women who sacrificed during wartime, I wish for world peace.


望穿秋水 (Explored 5 Nov 2009)

春水 (Spring.Water)

春水 (Spring.Water), originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

14.春水.mp3 -

寒い川 ( Frontpage Explored 9 Oct 2009)

** Explored dd 9 Oct 2009 BP #11 **

** Thanks everyone who like this photo, it made FP !! MY FIRST! :D **

Sorrow - Gundam Seed

This is the cold version. There is also the spring version. Will post that too later.

Your Reflection (你的倒影)


Giants, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

There was something I did not like about this photo but i seem to like it better tonight so I better post it before I regret again. haha...

Tarot Card Series - Gloom Day (阴天)


Blood, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

朝阳 (The Rising Sun) (Explored 31 oct 09)