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Stitched double eyelid

*Updated with Calis' Writeup on her Experience! Thanks Calis for your contribution!

From Calis : 

Why did I do it? People have told me I have big eyes but due to my single eyelids, they were not obvious. Only when I had sessions with Ting then my big eyes will come out under her skills. During the makeup workshop, we were discussing about it and this little seed took root and somehow I just made a decision and contacted the TCS Aesthetic Clinic at Central for an appointment.

1st Appointment The clinic is very popular even with appointments; there is still quite a long waiting time. The first appointment was for one of the doctors to access if my eyes were suitable for the procedure and they would use the eyelid sticks to stimulate a fold to roughly estimate how it would look. They would also take photos to record how you look. After this appointment, I booked my surgery date (actually it’s not exactly a surgery). Payment was around $500 plus as deposit and part of the overall costs.
Surgery Day Long wait! There were also quite a few forms to fill up. The staff would stimulate the eyelid folds again to show what options were available. I needed to decide how high the fold will be and also if I wanted it to be parallel or starting from the inner corner of my eyes. I went for mid height and parallel. I was not advised to go any higher as the fold will not be able to fold over naturally at the inner corners of my eyes. This took quite a long time as I had to resist the urge to blink after the staff does the fold and do markings with a pen. After the markings were finally done, they photographed me again for records. I still had to wait for the doctor doing the surgery to be free. During this period, I paid for and collected all my medication and also the healing aid – it was optional and payable. The overall fees plus meds and all came to about $2.7K

Surgery Process
Once I am showed into the surgery room, everything moved very quickly. It was over in around less than 30 minutes. It hurt most when the doctor injected the anaesthetic into the eyelids as the skin is very thin. I almost regretted the whole decision at that moment. Luckily the pain faded very fast. However, I must say… the sensation is not pleasant. I could feel that the doctor is stitching your eyelids as you can feel the thread on your face and also sometimes he will press against my face and I can feel my lids being pulled on. The doctor and the assistant would do a count to make sure all the stitches were in place. I could open my eyes but it was not pleasant as the skin has been pulled up. The assistant helped me into another room where I was told to rest for half an hour and she applied an ice bag to my lids to help with the swelling. The after effects of the surgery actually looked a little scary… I was pretty shocked. My eyelids looked grossly swollen and one side of my left lid was sticking out in a strange angle. There was also a pulling sensation making it a little uncomfortable. Remember to bring sunglasses to hide behind when going home.

Healing Period The first few days swelling will be horrid and it is advisable to get an ice pack and keep using it to bring the swelling down. For me, it was not painful so I did not really finish the pain killers but took the anti-swelling medication more seriously. I also went out wearing glasses so that the swollen lids were not so obvious. During this period, it would be best not to take any seafood or food that might cause inflammation. I needed to use eyedrops as my eyes were drier due to the lids being pulled up slightly. This would go away as healing took place. It took about 1-2 weeks for the swelling to come down so it would be very hard to hide the fact I did something to my eyes so I was pretty upfront about it to colleagues. The 1st review with the doctor is in around 1 week after surgery day for the doctor to check how the stitches were healing. Only after 1 week then it was ok to use makeup etc on lids. Doctor also advise to use eyeliner to cover up how swollen the eyelids were. It took about 1 month or so to be fully recovered and there was a 2nd review for the doctor to check and take photo records. Then that was it!

Thanks to Calis for allowing me to post this before and after picture. This is to benefit the girls who has single eyelids and have to paste eyelids stickers daily.
Calis finally set her mind during the makeup party to do the double eyelid stitching after she saw how big hers eyes were actually if she had double eyelids.  She has done it recently and has healed completely.  She updated me from the time she did her procedure till she healed (est abt 2 weeks).
We are both excited to see how successful the mini surgery is. She is now a double eyelid big eye babe compared to the single eyelid she used to have. Super freaking natural! In fact her double eyelids look more real than my born with double eye lids! Faint.
She has done a few shoots with me and I have seen how big her eyes are if we converted her single eyelids to double. Thus from the transformation makeup she had done, it more or less have boosted her confidence to go for the double eyelid procedure to improve her outlook permanently.
With her graciousness to share this, I am sharing an option to those girls who have always dreaded their single eyelids to go for this procedure because rather than being single eyelid and not confident of your look, you could get them converted and be happy and confident moving forward! It is a really bearable procedure with minimum pain (every individual has different pain threshold) and an affordable one (my opinion).  You do not have to be low esteemed for your whole life due to the single eyelids that you do not really like. You have a choice to change your life.  This applies only to those girls who prefers double eyelids. There are of course girls who love their single eyelids and look great with them!
This is not an advertorial but we are sharing the information of her procedure to benefit my followers. She is volunteering her testimonial exclusively to my followers.
Calis had her procedure performed at TCS central mall. She spent in all about 2.7k (might be different because it depends on individual's medical complications and subject to clinic's rate). It is assured by the doctor that it is "revertable"and "editable".  However, I need to highlight that for any good reviews, there are bound to be unforeseen circumstances for every individual. You need to have your own judgement and good grasp of your own medical history. Do share what you like and worries with the doctor.  Hopefully you can achieve your own success story. With any medical surgery, there are bound to have its risk. You need to know and find out all the pros and cons personally from the doctor before subjecting yourself to any surgical operation.

I hereby clarify that I am not directly or indirectly encouraging cosmetic surgery or surgery at the mentioned clinic.  I am merely sharing an information on my platform and providing a testimonial from a friend's experience.  You are not to hold me responsible for any choice that you make after seeing this post.  You make your own choice.  Good luck!

I will update again with her thoughts before and after she did her procedure. (Done~!)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Handsome Little Guy

Swoon over this boy who looks like an idol from a Korean drama ! This boy is just turning 14!

Friday, November 15, 2013

My little red riding hood!

Gelish Nail Art - Sweet Poka Dot and Checkers design by Nail Space

Sponsored Review by My Little Nail Space (Nail Space)

Being a photographer and makeover consultant, I am "supposed" to be quite a guru in fashion and beauty stuff.  Well, because of my not so pretty fingers, nails are always the element of beauty that I have never been good nor focused at.  I am kind of good with art but not so with my left hand. Hehe...

I always envied those customers who come for photoshoot with beautiful art on their nails.  Baby-sitting, photoshoots and editing were really enough to keep me away from sleeping enough.  STILL... the temptation of having beautiful art on my nails has always been lurking around inside my brain. 

Yes... yes... I am always home because my studio/office is at home and after I gave birth to Titus, I always carried him around everywhere.  If people are to walk pass us or approach us will probably only look at the sweetie inside my carrier and not even notice me.  Some even think I am his maid. (One incident some auntie in a bus ever asked me if I work for Titus ).

So why do I even need to have beautiful nails? My answer?  Pure indulgence.  It feels good to look at something pretty. Point made?/.

Honestly, I have a gelish manicure DIY set at home.  Recently, I bought it from my regular online seller.  I tested it and actually was kind of pleased with it.  I even took a picture of the gelish manicure I did for myself and posted proudly on facebook to show off.  But.... After going to Nail Space, I am deeply shamed. Hahaha... My so-called DIY manicure was not even close to what the real professionals could achieve.  I would tell u why in a bit. 

So... I received a mail from Jean one fateful day.  After being inseparable twins with Titus for 19 months (especially because he breastfeeds only by latch on).  I hardly left his side to do something for myself apart from work, hardly any "me time".  Jean invited me to try out their nail-art service and I was so flattered I could not decline her invitation.  So came the big sacrifice.  Titus had to be Mummy-less for a few hours.  Stress for my Dad, stress for my mum and Me? No! For me is happy excursion!  Hahaha...   

Jean is the owner of Nail Space (  She has 2 outlets in Singapore.  Kindly, she asked me which outlet will be more convenient for me.   I chose the People's Park Complex outlet which was at the #03-02 unit of the complex.

Before that day, I prepared my Dad and Mum and informed my Hubby that I was going to MIA for a few hours. To be frank, my mum panicked. Hehe...  I went ahead with my plan nevertheless.

So came the day.  I dressed up in the morning at my planned timing and put on my makeup.  I brought Titus into the room to nurse before I needed to make my way down town.  Good timing.  He was very co-operative.  He nursed for quite a while and in my heart I felt that it should last him till his lunch and until I came home.  After I excused myself from Titus with a tiny lie, I sneaked out. LOL!

Happily I took the shuttle-bus and secretly laughed that I had to remind myself that I did not have a baby on me and that equals to no reserved seats for me.  I was overwhelmed with joy even by standing and riding the bus because I was without a baby. Wahaha...

I checked the time again while standing in the train and it was perfect.  I should reach Outram MRT 5 minutes earlier than the booking time. Just perfect.  I chose to alight at Outram MRT because I was lazy to change trains.  Then I remembered that to go to People's Park I had to still walk a bit. Dang! I forgot. So much for good planning. I PM-ed Jean and told her I would be late and when the train reached Outram MRT. I sprinted towards People's park Complex. Hehe... I reached on time. Whew! 

In case you guys are lost as to which is People's Park complex because there is another People's Park Centre. It's this one.

Sorry for bad photos because my DSLR camera is at my other home. I had to snap pictures with my reliable Samsung Note 2.

As you can see, the minute you are out of the Chinatown MRT station, you will see the complex!

Benefit for those who has never seen the inside of this complex.  Some pictures of the interior. Very buzz-ling with activities and very oriental. I really enjoy this place. I grew up in Chinatown and People's Park Area is very familiar to me.  My childhood shopping paradize!

I went up the escalator in the photo and went to the opposite direction. The unit is near where I am standing to shoot this picture (top picture). So I now take a photo from the opposite of the unit to show you - below picture.

After you go to 3rd floor, at the escalator, turn around and you will see the unit which is where the pink neon lights are. It is inside a hair salon.  This is the closer shot below.

This is a picture looking through the hairsalon and at the nail parlor.

  This cosy place is where I did my nails!

Then I will come to the part where I show off my ugly nails before the makeover!
As many of my regulars know. I have very rough hands and legs = ugly fingers and toes. Inherited dry skin from my parents. So please forgive me if it is not exactly a pretty sight. But try to focus on the wonderful artwork that the artist managed to put on my hideous looking fingers :).

Zoe was the manicurist/nail technician who was servicing me. She was nice and patient. I loved the fact that she listened to my non stop yada. I had a tendency to talk non stop when I am at a salon. Regardless hair or nail salon. You know it is a form of stress relief. Hehe... We discussed and she asked me what was my interest.  I showed her my hair pin.  Demonstrated in the SP below. I told her I would love to have something so sweet my followers will love also.

She showed me a pile of nail arts they did before, neatly displayed in an acrylic display container. The range is so wide! Also, they had albums and photos and so much!  I fell in love with the checkers and poka dots I saw.  I told Zoe to choose the shades of pink that suits me and she did!  I was blown away by this little lass. She really is a 40 years old woman trapped in a 20 years old lass! She was mature and composed and she knew her stuff! Her confidence really affected me. I felt so safe in her care!

I loved the way Zoe shaped my nails. Something which is really important as well for good manicure. This is another big point that explained importantly why my DIY manicure did not look as professional.  She also took away all my dead skin which I had PLENTY after 1 year and so many months (I did not go to any salon after I gave birth)!  Zoe made sure that every detail was taken care of - cuticles were pushed back, peeling skin were removed.

As she went on to do the buffing. I asked her, "Why is it my gelish that I do myself peels off like a sticker?"

She explained to me that it is because they take the time to help us buff and smoothen the surface in order for the adhesion to be much better. Oh! I missed this step.

Then she went on to do the coatings layer by layer. She was patient and not rushing. She was carefully making sure every stroke is precise and no bubbles! I realised that she was not greedy like I was when I did my own gelish.  I recalled when I DIY, my completed gelish looked like at least 3 mm thick - dissected view.  Hahaha... No wonder my finger felt warm LOL! 

For those who has never tried gelish nails.  It is very fast and neat as compared to the classic nail polish painting. It dries up very quickly because they use UV lamp to dry up gelish nail polish layer by layer. It takes about 90 seconds each time she puts my nails in to dry.  So quick!  Also, she was really careful with the gel around the crystal "gems" to make sure they will not drop off so that Titus would not be at risk of picking them off the ground to eat (he is quite a vacuum cleaner). So considerate!

After the polish dries up, it will not run or drop off easily. In fact you need to soak it if you intend to remove it. Which you can easily do it for below $20 at normal salons. In this case, if you have a package, they usually can include soak off for you! :)  The set back of DIY gelish will be the soak off.  Chore! If the professionals do it for you, it is really fast!

I find that the staffs that work with Jean here are really diligent and patient and sweet! I was early so the customers were not in yet and thus the other two manicurist did not need to serve.  However, I observed that they used the time to practise nailart on dummy nails! So hardworking! I could really sense that they loved their job and enjoy doing art.  When another customer came in, I saw that they were patient and dealt with the customer who was a little bit fickle minded rather nicely and humbly. I did not sense any annoyance and they did not give me the "if you are not going to sign package then just shut up do the express nails and leave" attitude.  No forcing.  No unhappy clients.  Great experience guaranteed.

I guess with such good service it is only a matter of time they gathered a big pool of regulars. The only set back for this particular outlet could be that they are right inside a hair salon. It is really not easy for people to notice the nail salon.  I do hope with my effort to write this lengthy blog, I can gather a little of my Tinglish followers to give her some traffic. :) Please help me fulfill my wish!

Now, let me show you some of the finished product! As I have said, please ignore my wrinkled fingers. I really "ren ming" (resigned to my fate)... They are ugly hands but they have MAGIC mind you! Hahahah, they are the hands that transformed many girls ok?? But... but... the nail art is really neat and nicely done!

 No filter so u can really see the colour and my ah ma skin texture

And they were kind enough to help me match my colors for my classic pedicure.

Just about when the nails were almost done, Jean breezed into the parlor and we had some conversations on and off because she was settling some work. She was really humble and nice!  Such a nice person will have nice happy workers and that equals to happy clients!

After I said my goodbye, I went off to "recky" the surrounding.  People's Park Complex is happening! Many of my followers know I am crazy about Hong Kong and the atmosphere of this place really reminds me of Hong Kong! The music and the street food!

There were plenty of stalls there but I was too shy to take pictures so make do please hehe...

Half looking at where I was going and half looking at my pretty nails I made my way to the hawker stall Zoe recommended.
My pinky toes

I ordered the mala dry fry (directly translated) - my favourite food currently. They have it all over Singapore like a rising trend in various food courts.  I had reasons to believe that the food this stall has to offer is good because they gave queue number tags (like in a clinic) after you ordered. This is what it is.
It is as tasty as it looks messy, we ate every scrap of it. It is the best so far I have tried!

After that I ventured to the ground floor at the foyer facing the MRT exit. There were tonnes of street food from China! I was very drawn to the curry fish balls because it reminded me of Mongkok street food. I paid $2 for 5 balls in a cup. Then bought sugar cane drink to down the fishballs with. I walked towards the taxi stand as i put the first fish ball into my mouth. Immediately, I did a U-turn. To buy more! Lol!

After that, I really made my way to the OG taxi stand to end my excursion. I definitely did not forget about camwhoring in the cab with my new nails!

Overall I really enjoyed today.  I seriously recommend to mummies who need some "me time" to spend their peaceful few hours like I did today. But! Please remember to start your itinerary with Manicure at Nail Space! I will be back!

(I realised I received a miss call from panicky mummy about Titus looking for me when I got on the cab... Titus was fine actually... He was just sticky... :)

If you are interested in the My Little Nail Space's Services

Their branches:
Blk 34 #01-51,  Whampoa West, 330034
Tel : +65 6291 2672
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People's Park Complex #03-02, 1 Park Road, 059108
Tel: +65 6536 1622
Do book your appointment at +65 6536 1622
Or simply PM Jean at patrick jean
Remember to mention A Nictay Production to get Member's Price for Gelish Manicure!
Gelish Mani + Cuticle for $35

You can also have manicure party at location if you have a group of girls to invite My Little Nail Space to you party to provide their professional service to you. Contact Jean.
For further information on their services and rates, visit their website at or Facebook page.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Life has changed for me... Everything is different now. But I am well. Very happy. Everything is good in my life. Work has been crazy but it is enjoyable because it is my dream job. Titus has been keeping my hands tied. My parents have always been supportive and still support me so well. Mummy is doing well getting back on track in health.  My hubby dotes on me and changed drastically to accommodate us in his life.  I cannot live the life I did before, I do miss the freedom but I do not regret. My priorities have switched and my life is full. I am at peace in my mind and in my heart. I realised without expectations we do not have disappointments and everything has become a bonus. I guess everything happened to make me realise this. Everyday I live gratefully.  I learned to be good to myself and to my family. I learned to open my heart to look at the efforts that my love ones put in. Everyday is a present to me now.  I wish you well! ZL

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tips : wrong eye brows shape can destroy you...

Tip of the day: make sure ur eyebrows are suitable shapes for u. Do not underestimate these two patches of hair. They are the crucial factors to your outlook. They can enhance you or destroy you... it can make you look like you have a question all the time... in shock all the time... or depressed all the time... and whether you are fashionable or old fashion... ppl actually can tell from your eye brows. It can make you a snow white or turn you into the wicked witch. So... be very careful with your eye brows. hehe...