Friday, November 8, 2013


Life has changed for me... Everything is different now. But I am well. Very happy. Everything is good in my life. Work has been crazy but it is enjoyable because it is my dream job. Titus has been keeping my hands tied. My parents have always been supportive and still support me so well. Mummy is doing well getting back on track in health.  My hubby dotes on me and changed drastically to accommodate us in his life.  I cannot live the life I did before, I do miss the freedom but I do not regret. My priorities have switched and my life is full. I am at peace in my mind and in my heart. I realised without expectations we do not have disappointments and everything has become a bonus. I guess everything happened to make me realise this. Everyday I live gratefully.  I learned to be good to myself and to my family. I learned to open my heart to look at the efforts that my love ones put in. Everyday is a present to me now.  I wish you well! ZL

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