Thursday, September 16, 2010


雪花.飘, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

The girl who was sobbing while looking out the window, seemed to see snow flakes falling down in the beautiful Kong Kong's night.

Shu Er

Shu Er, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Finally Outdoors.....

Model : Shu Er
Styling / Photography : Ting

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nat and her Honey

Nat and her Honey, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Nat and Boyfriend
hair and makeup : Ting
Photography : Ting
Wardrobe : Models' Own

...Congrats to them for their big day is coming! I had a GRRRReat time shooting this fun couple loads of fun and laughter! Made my face cramp from all the non stop laughing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

PJ Party Babe - Sheila

PJ Party Babe - Sheila, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Sheila
Make up and Hair : Ting
Photography : Ting

She is a bubbly girl who has the sexiest eyes that talks to the camera!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tarot card - rouge

tarot card - rouge , originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Tarot Card Series - Body Language

I have lost the sunday selfie upload momentum... gotta upload as and when now.... i am a photo processing machine... i have been abusing my macbook so much I worry it will give up on me.....

My PJ Party Babe - Seriya

My PJ Party Babe - Seriya, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Seriya
Styling and Photography : Ting

Another babe for my pj party!

my pj party babe - Clara

my pj party babe - Clara, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Clara
PJ : Model's Own
Styling and Photography : Niko Tay

You will not be able to guess the age of this hot mama ..... :) Such gorgeous body she has! The temperature of this shoot rose to infinity! All the PJ babes are my clients. Real woman! Not professional models! But don't they all pose like a pro? So proud of all of them!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Real Woman

Real Woman, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Shantelle
Styling and Photography : Ting

This is my job. I love it. I shoot real woman. Whether u are S, M, L or XL. I bring out the beautiful essence in u... I am a real woman as well. All woman have their beautiful side. And I really wanna introduce to u my no. 1 hardcore fan. This is Shantelle and this is her 3rd shoot. Really happy to see how she evolved from the first shoot when she hardly dare to have any makeup on her face. Now she totally gives her whole self to me. And this time even gave me a challenge to fulfill for her. She wanted body art :)