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Precious moments (Junie family shoot)

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One day

One Day

How did we break up?
Those times felt like a lie
It can’t be, I can’t be, I tell myself
Memories fill up my room
Our times were like a dream
But it’s over, I’m crying because it’s over
Like the wind blowing
Come fly to me
For one day, just one day
Let’s live in that time
I bury my face but tears still rise
I’m afraid of the time ticking
I guess it’s really over
Not a single trace of light in the darkness
Cruel looks headed toward me
It’s over, it has withered, I tell myself
Where did I go?
I’m in a place where I don’t even know
Hidden, dropped off
Like the wind blowing
Come fly to me
For one day, just one day
Let’s live in that time
I bury my face but tears still rise
I’m afraid of the time ticking
I guess it’s really over
I’m walking with the memories
That have faded in my tears
I feel your warm hands
Come back to me
Help me, only you can save me
But you keep pushing me away
Where are you going?
I love you
I only love you
I can’t stand a single day
Not a single day, not a single day
Rom: iLyricsBuzz
Hangul: music daum
English: popgasa

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A message for someone on behalf of a friend name hontse

It is funny how a person does housekeeping to her heart. When she had the person she was pretending to love, she could still feel the place in the heart being occupied.  Everyday passed as though she lived for a day. She tries to smile. She tries to laugh. She tries to live in a world of make believe. There was no glee for her heart but there was no sadness really. Because she was numbed. She has set herself to believe she could make it. She looks at the bleak and then she closed her eyes. She was ready to just accept a dead end as her world.  Then one day, her answer for a way out came. Finally, she does the impossible. She made up her mind and decided that she no longer want to fool herself, and in a blink of the eye, the heart suddenly starts to beat again.  With that strength, she struggles to knock down the mighty wall at the dead end. And she suddenly she saw the sun again...  A wide open field opens in front of her.

How are you? Can I even still find you? The one whom I hid deeply behind my heart. Buried deep within the safest place.  I am now in the open sea. I am now resurfacing for a breathe of air.  I was suffocated for years and I could not do anything but to wait. I prayed and prayed for the road to open up.  I wish and wish for the day we can reunite.  Do you still see me? Can I still get to u?  I no longer live in the darkness. I struggled it all and came to the light. But where are you? Do I still get a min of your thoughts in a year?  Will you still hold the candle for me?  Can I still live in your mailbox as your second life? Will I ever hear from you again? I miss you.  So much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

HEALER - Best Korean Drama In My Drama History

Best ever #Korean drama ever in my whole drama life! Everyone must watch this. Everything is great. Great casting, good acting, superb director, meticulous makeup artist, logical fashion director, scriptwriter, screenplay, art director, action director etc. EVERYTHING IS JUST GREAT!  The wonderful thing about this action drama is that although there are many things which make up the elements of the whole story (the humour, the mystery, the thrill, the action, the excitement, the sadness), the main feel of the drama is still romance and chemistry between the actors and actresses that holds the whole heart of the people who watches it. The whole team rocks! Fantastic writer who created skinship to be so intimate without any elements of lust in it.  Some hand touching is already enough to burn up the whole place.

And I found my new love in the korean drama industry.  Mr #jichangwook #Ji Chang Wook . He is the best actor I have ever come across who is capable of using eye power to literally rip your hearts into small butterflies.  He have officially taken over my entire wallpaper empire from PC to handphones.  Sorry son. This happens when mummy becomes an obsessed fan. LOL!  Like the fans said in the, who needs romance in real life when you can have dramalife. Wahaha... If you have become a healer fan too after following my recommendation, remember to visit dramabeans for reviews because reading the comments there make me laugh very hard. It is good to know there are korean drama lunatics just like us. ENJOY!

MUST WATCH #HEALER (korean drama)  ok???

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