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Monday, October 14, 2013

Renew skin theraphy lotion is great for eczema and dry skin

I absolutely wanna thank roselynn for giving me 2 tubes if Renew skin theraphy lotion as presents to try on Titus' dry skin. I am so happy with the results after applying on Titus' troubled area around his ankles. I have tried almost anything i have been recommended until i was skeptical when Roselynn gave me those 2 tubes. Boy was i glad i gave it a shot!  It is by far the most effective and moisturising lotion i have ever come across. See the photo attached and you will know. His skin was really coarse and had hard skin and was patchy and red. Now it's smooth!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


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finally realised a shoot been wanting to try. sneaky

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The sleeping artist in me

I remember when i was small i used to look at beautiful paintings and asked in my heart whether it was possible for anyone to become a painter and make a living out of it. I loved art and I always was drawn towards beautiful paintings and pictures. I realised that an innocent question I had in my childhood time had become an unconscious ambition I kept inside my head.  I remember my art classes and how happy I was whenever I completed any art piece. I guess the artist was always inside me.  Today, I am doing photo art / portraits, I see myself not quite a photographer nor a painter... I like to think that I am an artist. But I am happy enough. To be able to make a living out of creating art is really a dream come true. It is not at all easy because I have to deal with the insecurities of unstable income and whether I am doing a good job for every customer.  But I do my best.  Life is amazing.  The discovery of who you are and who you can be is amazing. I am happy with the peace I feel now. And I will enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Little One Party 2013 version 2

version 2 of The Little One Party
This is especially for Vilmos who was not highlighted in the previous version.

My Little One Party 2013


39 children and 1 sincere heart. Ting's sincere productions in year 2013. A Nictay Production presents to you. My Little One Party 2013. Please SHARE this video to create awareness for A Nictay Production 

Voting begins midnight on 4 October 2013. Please like fan page A Nictay's Production to vote.

album URL:

Winner wins : 
1) One Outfit Outdoor Shoot (10 edited soft copies) Not transferrable.
2) A Solo Video compilation of Little One Party and Outdoor shoot pictures
3) Valids for 6 months from 5 November 2013.
4) Terms and Conditions applies

- Period of Voting will be 1 month from date of posting. 12 am of last day 4 November 11:59 pm.
- Voters can vote more than 1 kid.
- The voting is open to all public who "like" A Nictay Production" fan page 
- Little One Party Kids feel free to give the first votes to yourselves
- If there is a tie, we will extend another 24 hours to see the final result.
- winner please print screen with HP ur number of likes at Nov 4 2013 11:59 pm