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waiting, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

Folding Love 折疊式愛情
一起在海邊吹風 Feeling the breeze of the ocean together
忽然有流星劃過 Suddenly a meteor flashes past
滾燙的手 降落肩頭 A hot hand lowers onto a shoulder
很強烈感覺 胸口的震動 A very strong feeling, a vibrating chest

偶爾溫柔的熱絡 An occasionally gentle passion
含有暗示的幽默 possessing a humorous hint
妳想什麼 我不太懂 I dont really understand what you're thinking
只曉得 期待越多越難過 I only know that the more I anticipate, the more depressed I get

妳帶著 可以折疊的愛情 You hold a foldable love
我在等 不會變形的真心 Im waiting for a true heart that will never change
被抱在妳懷裏 卻要提防妳 Even while being held in your arms I have to be wary of you
愛要多聰明才能 逃得過哭泣 How smart does love have to be to avoid crying?

走走停停的時鍾 A running and stopping clock
深深淺淺的互動 A deep and scarce interaction
妳沒有說 一句愛我 You didnt say you love
卻把我擺在愛的氛圍中 but you placed me in loves atmosphere


Chorus 2 ^^^:
妳那種 可以折疊的愛情 Your foldable love
帶給我 夾著開心的傷心 brought me happiness within sadness
有時候掙紮著 陷落在泥濘 sometimes I struggle, drowning in the quicksand
有時又忘了一切的 飛行 sometimes forgetting everything, flying

這是幸福的等候 或心酸的前奏 This is the waiting of happiness and the opening to sadness
要放下太多的疑惑 才能專心去快樂 Have to put down a lot of doubts in order to focus on being happy

^^^ Repeat

面對妳 可以折疊的愛情 Facing your foldable love
該要有 什麼樣子的表情 what expressions should I have on?
爲什麼不能問 不能更透明 Why cant I ask? Why cant I be more transparent?
想要保護自尊的愛 藏著孤寂 My love wants to protect my pride, hiding loneliness.

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