Wednesday, March 10, 2010

走在陽光裡 (Walking in the Sunshine)

Let's take a break from the Hong Kong trip... This was taken in Punggol with Photo Kakis in Singapore! :)

走在陽光裡 (Walking in the sunshine)
身邊有個你 (You are beside me) 
你說 (You said)
好喜歡這樣的天氣 (You said you love this kind of weather) 
能在一起 (Can be together)

寫在日記裡, 心裡好想你 (Write it into the diary, my heart misses you alot) 
如果 (If) 
下著雨也要等著你 喔~喔~喔 (It rains, I still want to wait for you)

曾經一切不在意, 的陽光和小雨 (The rain and shine that we did not bother about before) 
為什麼不能再繼續美麗 (Why is it that they cannot remain as beautiful)
陽光和小雨都再也不熟悉 (The sunshine and the little rain are no longer familiar) 
只是一張張飄落的日曆 (They are only pieces of falling calendar papers)

走在陽光裡 走在小雨裡 (Walking in the sunshine, walking in the drizzles) 
偶然我會想起 從前的天氣 (Occasionally I will recall, the weather in the past)

Translation by Me... Please contribute if you have better... haha...

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