Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hair extension - Remy hair colour code 6/613

Hi hi! Received my new hair extension today and i love it so much i had to share my photos with you! No need to keep your hair long until so "chee chum" ... Cutting my hair short was a decision i never regretted. I had lesser and lesser hair after I gave birth and it was not possible to leave it long. Well, with today's great inventions, anything seems possible!
Show you my short hair now.
Then the long hair image of me after i put in the clip on. Wahaha ... i guess i still look younger and more woman with long hair. It is ok. Short hair is better for me now as a mummy. Whenever I feel like long hair just put on clip on lor!

I have used many hair extensions before. Real hair, synthetic hair, you name it I have it. This particular brand i love it and it is very affordable and realistic. My favourite so far!

By the way, this clip on is 70gm each pack.To achieve my look in the photo I used 2 package. In each pack there are a mixture of different width of hair bunch (4 clips, 3 clips, 2 clips and 1 clip).

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