Monday, September 28, 2009

思念 (Missing)

Just learned a new trick today from googling. (I realized you can learn anything on youtube!)

Infrared editing!! Hehe.... I took some pictures of sparrows the other day and was hanging on to them because I was not sure how i wanted to present them.

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How To Achieve Infrared Effect Using Photoshop.

After this, you may use "colour balance", "curve adjustment" and "selective colour" to achieve the right colours that you want.

For those guys who are keen to learn, you should know how to pick suitable photos to suit this trick.

Hope you guys like this!

Thank everyone who visited me for my previous uploads. I feel so sorry to some contacts whom i am missing out. i am so overloaded.... I have been going through streams for the past 3 hours and i am still not done!! Too tired now... gotta come back again for catch up... Collapsing

If anyone catches me, I have attached this piece of music before... I so love this piece!
Mysterious Songbird - S.E.N.S.

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