Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ting in the 記憶の森

Ting in the 記憶の森, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

So I've been tagged by my Flickr-bud Daifuku Sensei. A little late but here are 10 totally random facts:

1. I am working in an Interior Renovation Company
2. I Love MUSIC (who don't)
3. I am really lazy
4. I am glad I am helping people become prettier and gain more confident because of my freelance (I do makeover portfolio for girls)
5. I am jogging regularly now
6. I am too fleshy for my liking
7. I like Korean food, Japanese food, Vietnamese beef noodles, Tomyam Noodles, Ramen, instant noodles, wanton noodles and Soya Milk ... gosh I should not have started... (the list will never end)...
8. If I am eating Japanese, I love Mekajiki.. ( and i am still talking about food)
9. I love food cooked with garlic... (that explains why i am single) hahaha...
10. I used to suffer nose bleed like everyday when I was younger before I did chemical burn to stop it.

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