Tuesday, May 11, 2010

《夜.玫瑰》Night. Rose

《夜.玫瑰》Night. Rose, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.


词:积木鱼 王海涛 沈松 曲: 积木鱼
演唱:尚雯婕 编曲:陈磊

路灯是寂寞的 人影是孤单的
The night lamp is lonely, the silhouette is lonely
午夜闪动霓虹 心在暗涌
the midnight flickering neon, the heart is quietly stirring
喧闹的人群中 萌动了情衷
Amidst the busy crowd, sprouts a feeling

开始的序幕 怎么停住
The beginning scene of a movie, why was it paused
思念弥漫夜幕 身外渐渐模糊
The longing fogs up the night scene, outside becomes blur
心又如何掩护 爱的企图
How to hide the heart, of the intention for love
演一场情与苦 释放了在乎
Act a scene of love and bitterness, let go of the bothers
情愿用放逐 去交换幸福
rather to release in exchange of happiness
午夜的玫瑰 绽放在心蕊
midnight rose, blooming in the heart
情难止如水 只愿相依偎
love is hard to stop as it is for water, only willing for reliance with each other
午夜的玫瑰 带刺的花蕾
midnight rose, the buds with the thorns
梦醒人独醉 残留一滴泪
the lonely person who wakes is drunk, leaving behind a drop of tear

谁不奢望 有你在身旁
who does not hope to have you beside
谁又甘心 放爱逃亡
who is willing to see love escape

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