Thursday, February 4, 2010

心動 (Tempting Heart)

心動 (Tempting Heart), originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

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心動 (Tempting Heart)

有多久没见你 以为你在那里
(How long have I not seen you, I thought about where you have gone)
原来就住在我心底 陪伴着我的呼吸
(I found out that you have been staying right here in my heart, accompanying my breathing)
有多远的距离 以为闻不到你的气息
(How long is the distance? I thought if I never breathed ur scent)
谁知道你背影这么长 回头就看到你
(Who knows your shadow is that long and it takes a head turn to see u)

过去让它过去 来不及
(Let the past go, it is too late)
从头喜欢你 白云缠绕着蓝天
(liking you from the beginning, like the white clouds hanging on to the blue sky)
(If not able to walk on together forever)
也至少给我们怀念的勇气 拥抱的权利
(at least let us have the courage to reminise and still have the right to hug)
好让你明白 我心动 的痕迹
(To let u understand, the trace of my tempted heart)
总是想再见你 还试着打探你 消息
(Still feel like seeing you, still tried to see if there are news about you)
(But I realise you have been staying in my heart and guarding my memories)

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