Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Eczema, what is good what is not?

So Titus has eczema. And this is the only imperfection my prince highness has. Hehe..

I guess my point today is on steroid creams. I confess that I was a user because being a perfectionist, I was never able to stand the sight of the ghastly rashes on him. Then comes to the reason why I am writing this post today, partly because my client is slightly late but most importantly is I wanna declare war against steroid creams!

Titus has dairy allergy since he was born and this more or less aggravates his eczema which he has it on his ankles and heels. Initially he had it on his hands near the back of the palm along the wrist. But because it is near to his fingers and he always eats his own hands, I never applied anything there and now he has perfect skin around that area. Why? All because I ignored it. The other problems areas where I used all my heart and soul to apply the creams that the Doctors gave me. It just gets better 1 day and then worse for the next 2 weeks! I had enough of this shit. So I convinced myself after 1 year of using that crap that I finally got to face the fact. Steroid creams are rubbish!  The doctors always assure me the percentage is too low to cause any problem! Bullshit!

Apart from the creams of course I did try moisturisers like California Cream... Physiogel Cream... Nivea Oil... Centaphil... Olive oil.... Really. None works. I started using Ezerra Cream. Which promised no steroids and so I discarded the steroid cream for a while. Though the improvement was not 100%, it was almost 50%. The cessation of steroid creams actually made the skin better. Before, it was always hard skin on the surface and flaky and itchy and once it reaches the night it turns red. So Titus was irritated and he always tried to prevent me from using that steroid cream. He KNEW! He knew that cream caused his skin to burn and he tried to stop me. Every time I tried to apply he will cry! Gosh... I am a bad mummy!

So now i have decided to fling all the steroid creams out the window. And really not going to bother seeing another PD for the eczema condition. I will be continuing Ezerra cream which has healing n moisturising effects... or Egyptian Magic... or Shea Butter... Or even the Wonder Cream that someone told me about. Anything BUT steroids. Special thanks to Ezaline Hoon who sent me the below link for the you tube video that gives better awareness about Steroid side effects and Addiction

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