Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Testimonials Written By Customers on their wall from my Facebook


If you want to look good, look for her
If you want to regain yr confidence, look for her
If you want to look sexy, look for her
If you want to look cute, look for her
If you want to leave yr memories, look for her
If you want to gain LIKES on yr fb, look for her Liting Zheng will make yr wish comes thru.....A Nictay's Production"


"Every woman is pretty in their own ways! Want to justify this ? capture some great angles? leave some great memories? contact Liting Zheng"


"Every woman deserves to see their best moment in different angles! All women, regardless of size are beautiful in our own ways! I saw mine when I had my shots taken with liting Liting ZhengWait no further to see yours ;-)"


"You are made for us... :) your photos always bring us endless joy"


Special thanks & mention to Liting Zheng from A Nictay's Production for your using God given talent to capture & illustrate Joyce’s exquisite details and vibrant character through your photography works!


"‎18 mths have passed since I did an anniversary photo shoot session with my husband. The experience is still fresh in my mind. We had a good time during the whole photo shoot which was what Liting the photographer wanted us to experience. Initially, we were pretty awkward with poses but she managed to give us useful tips and before we knew it, we had learnt to relax and trust the photographer to deliver....and SHE DID!! :)"


It was the evening before my graduation dinner and dance but instead of having a good sleep, I was tossing and turning in bed. My feelings then were mixed: on one hand I was looking forward to celebrating the end of my uni life with a group of wonderful classmates, on the other, I was extremely apprehensive about it…
I didn’t know how to doll myself up! I was a complete nerd in fashion and yes, I knew what the market forces of demand and supply but I didn’t know the power of what cosmetics could do! I was utterly clueless and confided my plight to a very good friend of mine who offered to lend me her dress and apply make-up for me. I was really thankful to this friend. But when Ting got to know of my situation, she stepped in to offer her help firmly, without me approaching her. But she was very confident that she could do a good job for me and insisted that she helped me instead of my other friend. No offense to my friend though, Ting really did a great job. Something that I would never forget: her confidence in make-up, displayed at a tender age of 22. She had transformed me from an ugly duckling, my face was speckled with pimples scars all over, to a beautiful swan. I felt that that day was the most beautiful day throughout the whole of my undergrad life. I was a damsel in distress but instead of a knight in white horse and carrying a lance and shield, Ting was an angel fluttering her wings and coming to my rescue with her miraculous cosmetics pouch and magical touch. 
Fast tracked to two years down the road when I again sought her help in doing make-up for my ROM. Her skills had improved tremendously. That day was the most beautiful day in my whole life. Her skill was no where near amateurish even though she was neither a beauty consultant nor make-up artist. Her works are so much superior than some professional make-up artists. Most people would agree that all brides look the most beautiful on the day of the wedding banquet but I would beg to differ. I had engaged a professional make-up artist, which was against my decision, on my wedding day. I felt that I looked worse than before and the result of that professional make-up artist pales in comparison to that of Ting’s. Needless to say, those photos taken on my wedding never again got to see the light of day. 
What I have concluded from all these experiences is that Ting has an inherent talent in making people beautiful. I am further convinced that she has it all along after recalling our secondary days when we both met each other. Along with other friends, we liked to take photographs and I remember that Ting used to call the shots on how we posed and she did apply make-up for us too! Also, bear in mind that the old traditional camera was much more unforgiving. No preview, no re-take, no room for editing but I would say that most of our pictures came out great eventually. 
I am very happy to see Ting able to do what she is best in. I always believe that a person who has talents and passion in what he/she is doing will accomplish it greater than someone who has none. I hope my own testimonial will bring more to attention the works of Ting. All the best to you, my dear Ting! — with Liting Zheng.


Niko or Liting, one of the most passionate and creative photographers I know.

She's not just a fashion photographer, her talent knows no bounds. Landscapes and portraits become even more breathtaking with her skills. Visit her portfolio, her pictures are testimonials itself.

She finds your best angles and attributes, and takes them to their limit making unique and truly confidence boosting photographs.

If you are looking for a new you, or want to see the inner you, simply go to Liting Zheng or view her profile at — with Liting Zheng and A Nictay's Production.

"I LOVE ME but I LOVE Liting Zheng A Nictay's ProductionMORE :)"

"Cool!!! You're the best!!"

"Thank u Niko for her wonderful photography skill! Love her creativity and magical hands! A A Nictay's Production"


It was a changing phase in my life… A new carefree me captured by the lens of Niko or Ting… Thanks girl… You are the best!!! — with Liting Zheng.


A woman is sometimes like an unpolished diamond, not aware of her hidden potential and value. Many are content to be unremarkable, unnoticed and perhaps even hide themselves due to an inferiority complex.

We do not know what we can become because no one told us that we could be more. Or we are too used to people telling us things the limit our imagination cos they could not see or worse are spiteful.

It takes a very special and talented individual to make that special effort to let us know that every woman has her own chance to shine. Find the spark of fire inside and to realize what she can become.

I became friends with Ting through some common friends interested in photography and it has been a most wonderful friendship from then. With her I learned a lot about how to look good, dress and also carry myself. She has a keen eye for fashion, styling and makeup. Just like a total magician, you will not believe your eyes after she has worked on your hair, makeup and clothes styling. From the girl next door, the sophisticated socialite, sexy goddess, fashion model.. the options are up to your imagination.

I attached sample shots from my 3 shoots with Ting.... I still love the series on the bridge very very much.

Become a diamond, find out how you can shine - simply contact Liting Zheng or view her profile at — with Liting Zheng and A Nictay's Production. — with Liting Zheng.


I hate taking photos (yes, you wouldn’t know it by the sheer number of photos I have accumulated over the years). I’ve gone through four makeover photo sessions (that I can recall and I know that’s a lot considering many of my friends never even took a single one). Why on earth? You might ask. Well, I simply believe in capturing the moment. I believe every stage of our lives is precious, full of memories worth documenting and these moments are lost, never to return if you do not capture them through photos (or videos for that matter).

Niko or Liting, as I am more used to calling her, is a photographer cum makeover specialist - a gem of a person who is able to both transform a person with her makeup cum hairstyling skills and more importantly, her photography cum editing skills. What is so different about her, is that she is able to suss out the possibilities inherent in a person and bring out the best sides of a person through her photos. I have seen how friends got transformed through her photos (and not in a fake, over-the-top fashion) into the true beauties they are should they choose to doll up every day. Thus, I greatly encourage any friend who has been hesitating about getting a makeover or simply hesitating about having that one photo session to document a special moment with your loved one(s), to contact Liting for a discussion. Personally, I love her non-portraiture work too but that’s another story altogether. :-)

Mind you, being quite the diva she is, you have to be patient to see your goods delivered but it will all be worth it as you can see from how she has captured my moments with my sister and close friends. She does put her heart into her work. It shows. — with Liting Zheng.


Well I know it's kinda late but here you go. I've gotta know Liting from a friend- Lynn Tang , told her I was pretty interested on getting a portfolio for myself and so she introduced me to A Nictay's Production. What caught my eyes was her very own profile picture. It tells alot about her, like she is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. I guess she wanted all the girls she did a portfolio for to feel the same but I'm sure they've felt more than that. During the photoshoot session, Liting would make the effort to talk to me and try her best to make me feel comfy so my pictures would look natural. There were alot of deep talks in between, a lil bit of hers and mine and it makes me think how would I be 10 years down the road. She sort of make me feel like " JUST DONT LEAD YOUR LIFE WITH REGRETS"! She's really very inspiring and if you wanna experience something wild and exciting she's the person you should go to! As I'm turning 21, this photoshoot is really very special and meaningful to me. I really liked all the pictures she has taken for me but this is my favourite picture. I'm sure there would be more to come, keep updated!
— with Liting Zheng.


Finally met a wonderful & professional makeup artiste cum photographer cum consultant. Learnt alot about what different poses one can do to achieve certain outcome..tall, sexy, intense etc And what i get is not just a makeover but a transformation.

I have heard people saying i look like Sammi Cheng when i was younger..but with so many people saying i still look like Sammi Cheng NOW is so flattering.

Thanks Liting Zheng for your works ! :) — with Liting Zheng.

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