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April - May Promo Contest

The COLOUR Promo / Contest is in the process!

After a series of closed reservation for survey, the $XX promotion/contest is happening! Thanks to all the support from my regulars!

(Do not fret because you found out later, the survey was done randomly and in phases).

NOT restricted to weekends (whichever dates available before promo ends (Intake will be until end of April 2011).

NOT restricted to age (new born babies to Aunties are welcomed).

NOT restricted to species. (only small breed pets are welcomed).

***Open to enquiries from the other gender
(Male participants or male pet owners are subjected to Photo Audition and full particulars sign up. MY DAD have the right to reject any application LOL! If I cannot accept ur application, you will receive a mail from me "my dad dun feel comfortable to have you in the house with me). :)
I know that those 20 babes that already sign up, would love to see a few hunks in the contest.

This contest is in Singapore and your photo-shoot will take place in Choa Chu Kang.

- This is a Solo contest. You can participate at a promo price of $XX.00 to sign up for the 1 outfit indoor shoot.
- It includes makeup n hair but outfit/wardrobe, props, accessories etc... have to be your own.
- You will get 10 Edited copies are given in soft copies only.

How to Sign UP

1) You need to email / text / FB msg me to inform your interest for participation
2) If you are a friend's friend and not in my FB, add me in FB and look for the colour chart uploaded in one of the albums.
3) Choose a colour and let me know your outfit colour reservation in the msg that you send to me.(2 pax max to 1 colour, please choose the available colour)
4) I will reply you on the photoshoot booking confirmation actions required from you to lock your photo-shoot date n colour.

(I know this will sound wierd but Dad sets the rule for the house)
For sincere male participants and male pet owners, (refer to ***), unless I know you VERY WELL, please write in full particulars include :

1) Name + Surname
2) Let me know who is our mutual friend? (will be verified)
2) Clear Copy of IC (both sides)
3) Handphone number
4) A clear (and real) picture of you / you and your pet - whichever relevant.
5) Link me to your REAL FB account in your msg
6) I will reply to confirm if you / your pet have been accepted to take part in the promo/contest
7) After that you may look for the outfit colour chart uploaded in one of my FB albums.
8) Choose an outfit colour & inform me about your colour reservation(2 pax max to 1 colour, please choose the available colour)
9) I will reply you on the photo-shoot booking confirmation actions required from you to lock your photo-shoot date n colour.

Terms and Conditions

As a basic rule, I shall reserve the right to reject any applicants. I would prefer having this party with my friends otherwise the furthest will be friends of my friends in facebook. :)

Booking with me will mean :
1) You accept that photos of yourself will be posted online
2) You automatically consent to be entered into the contest.
3) You also agreed that I, (A Nictay Production / Niko Tay / Ting) will hold full rights of the photos that are taken and to use for other marketing purposes or printing.
4) You might stand a chance to appear in the hardcopy book i will be printing for sale 5) You will stand a chance to win a free outdoor solo shoot if you are the top winner of the voting competition. (Option to top up 150 for a photoshoot of family of 3)
6) You understand that this promotion is not applicable for other discounts promoted.

PM me now to get more ideas on the theme. Promo/contest might go firmly ahead or not will depend on the final response I get (at least 20 participants with confirmed photoshoot dates). If quota is not met by 15th of April, I reserve the right to call off the promotion and refunds will be given in accordance. Competition is subjected to its terms and condition. If response is good, photoshoot date bookings might be extended.

This is really informal and by signing up for the promo/contest, you promise you will not sue me...... and if there is anything unhappy (bound to have when it involves a lot of participants) .... let's iron things out nicely.

The Theme

The theme this time round is Colours! You can choose 1 outfit color to reserve first when sign up. Then U can choose between black or white background. Maximum 2 different person can choose the same outfit colour because one will be photoshooting with black backdrop and the other will be the white backdrop. Your outfits (Heads to toes) have to shout the colour you have chosen. Floral and prints on the outfit is discouraged but I can accept if it is within minimum percentage.

See my FB colour chart for available colours which I will update whenever I have new sign ups. Please make sure ur outfit colour is as close to the colour you have chosen to reserve as possible. I would prefer that you choose a colour not similar to what is already taken to make yourself look more unique.

Tips / Rules and Regulations

Everyone is competing on equal grounds. Basic black and white backdrop.

I re-emphasize that your outfits (Heads to toes) have to shout the colour you have chosen. Floral and prints on the outfit is discouraged but I can accept if it is within minimum percentage.

Of course the more effort you put in to match all your outfits with props n shoes n hats n scarves.. The higher chance you get picked for appearing in my book and perhaps getting more votes. The theme is on colour, so you can dress as anything under the sun you can think of. Be a vampire, a cheong sam beauty, a sporty chick, a gothic sexy kitten, a cosmo girl, or simply YOURSELF. Anything. NO HARD AND FAST RULES.

special tips: Remember to bring dramatic eye lashes/falsies for those who are going for high glam ! For best effects, if you are short sighted, do bring the matching colour contact lenses.

Much as we want to hold up the rules of the game, participants are requested for their generosity and understanding when it comes to how accurate the colours turn out. Of course I will not allow absolute difference but I would expect some participants wearing outfits with colours having a bit of colour difference from their reserved colours. After all, different people have different perspective of colours. Let's just have fun! Thanks in advance for your love and understanding!

Photo-Shoot Dates...

I am targeting to start Shoot by Mid April and complete the photo-shoots by end May subjected to response and work load. I will stop the enrollment by end of April 2011 but subjected to change. You may start putting in your dates after you have made the deposit.

Let the party begin!

Girls whom have signed up. This is the time you girls write to me and get my bank details to firm your dates and colours. Please stick to your appointment and outfit colour unless special cases negotiated by myself.

Payment and Photoshoot Date Booking Confirmation

Photo-shoot dates are subjected to availability, first confirmation first serve.

Please SMS after your successful bank transfer of the SGD $50.00 non refundable booking deposit with your
1) Name + Surname,
2) Hp number
3) Reserved outfit colour and backdrop colour
4) Booking Date and preferred timing

Only upon your bank transfer, I will reply you on the acceptance and confirmation after I have checked the transaction. Then your booking is firm.

Otherwise, your outfit colours will be considered unlocked after 15 April 2011.

I can do 3 pax/pet per day. 3 hours per pax/pet.
Time slots : 9 am - 12 pm, 12 pm - 3 pm, 3 pm - 6pm.

Please give me your preferred timing for my planning.

Hopefully those who can, please choose weekdays because there will be a lot of girls requesting weekends due to work.

Photoshoot Booking dates starts mid April 2011.
Again I repeat that the dates are subjected to availability based on first come first serve.

Please stick to the booking date and colour reserved. No changing of dates/colour unless available or unless initiated by me. In all promotion fairness, cancellation will not entitle refund even with a solid reason. In the event which I happen to fall sick, your shoot might be postponed.

Last but not the least

[slapping my forehead and thinking what i have gotten myself into] I AM GOING TO BE FREAKING BUSY !!!! So..... I say thanks first to everyone for not rushing me for the photo editing. I will be pushing out the photos on my FB as I edit. Please add me in FB to keep track of the photo updates (Regulars who know me well know I take time to perform the "magic". keke.....

Looking forward to seeing so many friends again!!! Meantime, I am burying myself back to work!

See YOU!!!!!

PM me now in FB or email for more details and pricing.


Email for enquiry

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