Friday, August 20, 2010

雪讓人有等待的 感覺 (Snow gives a feeling of waiting)

下雪 Xia Xue
該怎麼迎接 我們最後一個 聖誕夜

It's going to snow, my heart is starting to congeal
How should (I) welcome our last Christmas night

我害怕下雪 愛將會凍結
因為你說過 雪讓人有等待的 感覺

I'm afraid of snowing Love is going to freeze
Because you said before Snow lets the person to have the waiting feeling

* 說好兩顆心要乘著雪

We agreed that two hearts shall ride the snow
Made a date at that season of hugging
Winter comes in too distressed
It breaks the promise

# 白忙忙的世界碎成雪
而我一個人 面對
整夜的 心碎

The white coloured world breaks into snow
All the happiness flows into tears
But I face the heartbreak all alone thru the night

終於在下雪 意味著離別
我心頭的雪 不知還要多久才 溶解

Finally it snows, implying time of parting
I don't know when the show in my heart will melt

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