Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Night's Souls

Night's Souls, originally uploaded by nictay_27 婷.

I am totally devastated..... Imeem has merged with myspace... and I lost the music playlist I have been maintaining at imeem... (for now) and do not have any clue at all whether I can get it back....... :(

迷离夜 (Mystery)

In another corner of the world,
is there another me?
Having different fates,
heading towards unknown twists

In every segment of life,
there is always another me
Constantly changing and exploring,
tasting the coldness and warmth of the ways of the world

Spinning endlessly,
what spiral will it spins?
The compass of fate will stop at that unknown spot

How to distinguish between reality and fantasy dreams,
how to in order not to be confused
I travel through the depths of my mind,
hoping to find the real me


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