Thursday, December 10, 2009

溫柔的夜 (The Gentle Night)

I am really happy that I was born into the era still in time to catch those Singapore dramas in the 1980s... Those days, i would know the soundtracks by heart and sang along.

鄧妙華 -《溫柔的夜》

1988年新加坡電視劇《舞榭歌臺》插曲,鄧妙華幕後主唱。 收錄在1998年出版的【請你說說話】專輯。

作詞:木子 作曲:李偲菘

我的心 是幽幽的湖水
溫柔的月色 是你的倒影

我的心 是輕輕的漣漪
開展的波紋 是我的情緒

多希望 用我 小小的一生
靜靜為你 點亮一盞燈
讓我看清你 讓我看清你
怕過了明天 已不是作夢的年齡

多希望 用我 全部的生命
低低為你 輕唱著愛情
讓你感覺我 讓你感覺我
思念的湖水 裡浮動你的 倒影

My heart, just like the still waters of the lake
Your face is the reflection of the moon
Soaked in the night
Your slightly moistured hair brought back so many memories

My heart, just like the gentle ripples
Spreading out like my emotions
If I can make you smile without fear
Your eyes, shall be the most beautiful stars in my dreams

How I wish I can devote my little life
Quietly fueling a light for you
Let me look at you, let me look at you
If tomorrow comes we may be too old to dream

How I wish I can devote my whole life
Whispering songs of love to you
Letting you feel me all over
In the lake of memories remains the reflection of you
I wish I can devote my life

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