Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you have a problem seeing me as a photographer I can live with being an artist

Hey proud "purists" who are using DIGiTAL cameras, if it makes you damn uncomfortable to call me a photographer because I love recreating images with editing, I can live with being an artist. :)  Pls hug ur expensive DIGITAL Camera, wear your "i have a problem with computer softwares" tshirt and rot.   Honestly, purists can still shoot gorgeous street photography, macro and gorgeous landscape. The trees and the insects or the strangers on the road will not complain to you that they look fat in the photos or that they have zits on their faces. But you better get very recognised and get exhibited. Otherwise find another job. Who will pay for pictures of herself with 12 mega pixels at least of emphasis on her flaws... Want a picture that is very natural they can take it themselves since everyone has a digital camera nowadays even in their handphone... halo??? Use phone people also can edit la lol!!! Wake up la please wake up!!! Found this great reads on the subject.

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