Thursday, July 14, 2011


Glynis, originally uploaded by Ting 婷.

Model : Glynis
Makeup/styling/AD/photography/edit : Ting

I have been avoiding bridal for the longest time. Maybe for the fact that I have a sad past. It is not easy to have to watch couples going down the red carpet. Especially when it has been something that I had experienced before and that my marriage did fail. But I guess, since it is where the main source of income comes from for many professional photographers, it is something that I do have to face up with in a matter of time. I hope I will be able to bring to you more of some bridal shoots that I should be engaging myself in for my near future.

This is Glynis, former Mrs Singapore International. I really adore her for her patience and gift for posing with beautiful variety of expressions that I can churn out of her. I guess instead of expecting the model to be able to do everything you want from her, it takes an interactive and communicable photographer to speak to her and describe what she should be feeling in order to get what expression you want from her. It was more effective that I could demonstrate to her being quite a model myself! LOL. She is really easy to work with, being v amicable and lovely and not afraid of hardship during the shoot. It could get really hot and sweaty in the tropical climate of Singapore.

I used green and turquoise eye shadows to brighten up her eyes. And this beautiful eye lash that i bought at far east plaza! She has really pretty lips and a set of gorgeous teeth! As an image consultant cum photographer, I swear that teeth is seriously one of the most important things that a girl should never neglect to maintain and beautify!

I did some research on the internet and discovered this place in Singapore that I had never set foot in since i started shooting. I was thinking of the concept of this shoot and realized that horses, barns and fields could easily create an out of Singapore feel that I want. Thus I decided that we must make this trip to Bukit Timah Saddle Club!

For this shot, we found this restaurant that was under renovation and walked in with a huge pleasant surprise that they had these gorgeous antique looking furniture and decorations. It was v stuffy and all but Glynis toughed it through and gave me many gorgeous shots! I am really proud of her! I shot this on high ISO about 2500 with my D700 using my Nikkor F1.4 24mm. I am pleased with the little noise level I faced. i have been experimenting with a little selective colour and faded skin tones for my photo processing to achieve a different type of nostalgic feel as opposed to the cross processing type. I achieved this result which I was the most pleased with among the other versions cause it gave me a little cinematic feel and suited the porcelain skin concept I had in mind.

More pictures of this shoot can be found at

I hope my first approach in writing some details of my shoot gives some insights on the stuff i do. Hopefully as I write along, I get more readers! I am awfully busy these days and hardly have time. Hope I will meet another shoot which I will have the mood to write then I will give another write up about that!

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