Thursday, January 28, 2010

你那里的天空,今天的云美丽吗? (Are the Clouds Over There Beautiful Today?)


我想我还要继续学习 (I think I still need to learn)
悲伤的时候不闭上眼睛 (Not to close my eyes when I am depressed)
趁眼泪还没有形成前 (While the tear is not formed yet)
就蒸发到空气里 (Let it evaporate in the air)
我想我还要继续努力 (I think I still need to put in more effort)
听完了情歌可以不决堤 (To not have an after thought about the love song after I hear it)
那些蠢蠢欲动爱的回忆 (Those heart throbbing memories of the loving moments)
会让思念都哭泣 (that makes one cry even during the longing moments)
当我想起你 (Whenever I think of you)
有一种绝望的灰心 (There is a sense of lost hope)
总会让街头某个相似背影 (Allowing that stranger's similar back view)
惹得忍不住伤心 (to bring out the sadness uncontrollably)
当我又想起你 (Whenever I think of you)
是我躲避不及的原因 (It is the reason I am not able to hide in time)
总以为可以否定你的爱情 (I always think I could deny your love)
却在不成眠的夜 (But whenever i cannot sleep in the still of the night)
我又想起你 (I will think of you)

Yet another lousy translation attempt....

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