Saturday, August 29, 2009

When Will I See You Again (Explored 28 Aug 2009)

The black borders are not added. This is actually a picture I took in a bus. The top black strip is the sun shade of the bus. Bottom black strip is actually silhouette of the seat that was in front of mine. Get it?? This is the bridge going to Instanbul.

I went on this trip with a good friend and her family. Her daughter little Jerusha was my room mate. We built a friendship between us during the days in Turkey. She laughed at my silly jokes and we shared many ice-creams together.

She had to return home earlier than I did for school and on the day she left I felt so reluctant. :)

I remember when I shot this, the little Jerusha said she doesn't wanna go home... she likes Turkey alot and wonders when she will see turkey again...

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